•My Sponsors & Product Ambassadorships


I am honored to represent these wonderful companies in my community and on race days.

I am grateful for their continual support and sponsorship of my running career.

(As customary with any sponsorship or ambassadorship, I may receive compensation, services or products

in exchange for my use and endorsement of their product.) 


www.RobKellerMD.com I was introduced to the formula in 2008 and became their first Sponsored Athlete in 2012.  Daily dosages of the Original Glutathione Formula has provided me optimum overall health, vitality and energy. As an athlete, it has given me the ability to recovery quicker and more efficiently.  I won’t go a day without my OGF, as it has truly transformed my life. 




www.KTTape.com I was introduced to KT Tape in early 2011 after a hip injury and became a Sponsored Athlete in 2012. I needed something for compression and a friend recommended KT Tape. Since then, I have been a faithful user and believer in the product.  It has provided me the stability I need on any training or race course. 

RunGumAmbassador program



www.GetRunGum.com I was introduced to Run Gum in 2015 and I have been hooked, ever since!  I wanted to try something on the race course that would give me a quick push to the finish line.  Adding Run Gum to my fueling plan was just the kick I needed.






www.GlukosEnergy.com I was introduced to Glukos Energy at the RnRAZ 2015 Expo.  Intrigued by their concept and promise it would not upset the stomach and provide fast acting energy.  



  www.NewZill.com I began wearing NewZill compression socks a short time ago and was completely hooked on their softness and compression.