RACE REPORT: 6 Tunnels Turkey Trot | It Was a Family Affair

Last year, I was on the sidelines watching my friends & family run this race.  I am glad I was healed and well enough to participate.  It is my favorite course, so any chance I get to race in 6 Tunnels, I want to be there.

Earlier in the week, I battled a fierce head cold, so I came to the race with some stuffiness and very low expectations.  You may recall, my last 5k was in PA, when I felt wonderful and failed miserably at my 5k, for no apparent reason.

Arriving at 6 Tunnels, bro and I met up with mom and his Canadian friends, Andy and Rachel. We know it’s Thanksgiving when Andy arrives, for his yearly trek.  This year, he brought his sweet girlfriend to experience Las Vegas.

Bro was scheduled to race the 12k, but a glute issue was keeping him from racing his best, so he decided to drop down to the 5k and run with me.  Since I suffer from Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA) and I had chest congestion, this was not prime conditions.  I didn’t care, I was out there to push as hard as I could and enjoy being at 6 Tunnels with my friends and family.

Andy (Bro’s friend) was scheduled to run the 12k and Rachel (the friend’s, girlfriend) was participating in the 1 mile.

  • 12k started at 8:00am
  • 5k started at 8:05am

That was the first problem.  With the size of this race (over 1000), the 5k’ers were bottle necked at mile 1/2, since we had reached the 12ker’s walkers.  I have finally come to the decision, that walkers will not move over.  I respect they also paid for this race, but please move over when others are trying to run around you.  They really should start the 5k at 8:00am or even 8:30am.  The first half of this race was nothing more than weaving and running into other people.  That can be completely avoided with a different start time.  I have been to plenty of races where there is at least 30 minutes between each distance start.

Coming into the first tunnel, the dust was the worst and I have run this course a lot.  I even had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from breathing the dust through my mouth.

Out of the first tunnel, I tried to surge a bit, but I was at the 8:23 mile mark.  That is my half marathon pace, not my 5k pace, even on that trail/dirt course.  Then, into the second tunnel and that was dust was even worse.  Ugh.

Turn around and back through the tunnels, at least I was mentally prepared for the dust.  Coming out of the second tunnel, I went into my surge…well, I tried.  Once we hit the 1 mile turn around – we were met with 4 and 5 people across (walking) and blocking the course.  Bro tried to plow a way but people were not listening to us “runners coming through, please move aside”.

I felt good and I felt strong, but I knew a PR was out of my reach, I was held up way too long on bottlenecks and moving around others.  I was NOT that far back, I was in the top group and these crowds made us feel like we were in the middle or back of the pack.

Came in a 25:20.  Respectable on a trail course and missed my course PR by a few seconds.  I was very pleased and much happier than my race in PA, that was for sure.

Once I crossed the finish line, the sneezing and wheezing started.  Oh mercy, that kept coming for at least 10 minutes.  Rachel met up with Kirk and I.  Next, we had to wait for mom on her 5k and then Andy on his 12k.

While I was in my sneezing attack, Kirk ran out to find mom.  I was quite concerned she was on this dirt/gravel course. I didn’t want her to do it, as he is so prone to tripping and falling.

Mom and Bro come in and sure enough, she fell.  Allegedly, someone tripped her on the course.  Oh, Mom. 

We checked results and I was 2nd in my AG (again).  This is a pattern, I always get 2nd in my AG at the Turkey Trot and this was my 3rd 2nd place AG for this Turkey Trot. I finished 88th overall (including men) out of 723 racers.  No complaints from me!  

Here I am with my AG award and Ladybug’s ball (the course, where Ladybug’s ball tradition began in 2011)


Mama got 2nd in her AG.  And even though Kirk was tagging along with me, he got 3rd in his AG. We both giggled, at this one!



Andy came in strong on his 12k finish and we had a great time chatting about the race. Here is our group photo with medals and AG awards.




I am so happy I could run this race, again. I missed it!  Once again, beautiful day and great temps.  This course never, ever disappoints me.  The only disappointment was the overt crowding and bottle necks.  That can be completely avoided, hope the RD makes those changes for next year. 

My race gear:

Shoes:  Altra One2’s (purple)

Socks:  DryMax

Headband:  (Black) Bondi Band

Shorts: Brooks

Shirt:  TSH singlet with a black tech shirt underneath


Another Turkey Trot is done and I am so glad I went.

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What’s Happening at FAB Running in November | Big News Coming!

It’s November and it feels so odd to even type that!  It feels like just yesterday it was the middle of the summer and I was suffering from the heat.  I am glad those days are behind me (for now).


I thought I would give you and overview of what is happening behind the scenes at FAB Running!


Check out the 5k medal! (The 11k medal is larger)


First up – this Sunday, 11/09.  I am back in the Race Director saddle as the Las Vegas RD for the National Veteran’s Day 11k, 5k and 1 mile Fun Run.  This is the fourth year of our the Las Vegas event and the first year they have asked me to direct the race.  I have been working very closely with the national office to ensure this event is enjoyable and eventual for all!  My goal is to celebrate our Veterans, their families and our freedom.

  • Mark Jones is coming in from San Diego as our race announcer and DJ.  You will know him from many southern CA events like Awesome 80’s, Hollywood Half, Costume Party Run and more.  An added bonus, is Mark is a Marine veteran.
  • My brother, Kirk Buckley will be the lead bike for the 11k.  A great athlete and an Air Force Veteran.
  • We have a special surprise for you, for the National Anthem! 

——> If you have not already registered, be sure to do so. We are expected to sell out within the next day or two.  CLICK HERE


After the Veteran’s Day Run, I will be getting ready to head out to the Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon at Disneyland.  While I am not a super hero fan, per se – I could not pass up a Half Marathon close to my birthday and at Disneyland.  I will not be wearing a costume as I hope to have a good paced race and frankly, I just don’t have the time nor focus to create another costume.  I will be in my traditional Team Super Hero Elite kit, so I will be in the right them.

After Avengers a dear friend and I are spending a few days in DL.  It’s no secret I LOVE Disneyland and for the first time, I am going to celebrate my birthday in the park. While my birthday is around Thanksgiving, this will be my celebration.  After going to the park over 50 times, I think it’s time to do it on my birthday.  I look forward to laughs, pin trading and girl time.

I cannot wait to wear a Disneyland HAPPY BIRTHDAY button!

Happy Birthday button


So, what’s my big news? A FAB-O GIVEAWAY! 



I will be launching a giveaway on December 1st,  that will blow you away.  No, really it will!

As of this writing (subject to change) I will be offering a prize package of:

  • Altra Running Shoes (I will be posting my shoe review, after Avengers Half)
  • iFit Active Band
  • Joe Weider Fitness Gear
  • Lotus Yoga Gear
  • Island Boost Fueling Package
  • KT Tape
  • RobKellerMD.com OGF supplements
  • Hollywood Half Marathon race registration (Hollywood, CA)
  • Desert Dash race registration (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Runner’s World Cookbook
  • Runner’s World Big Book of Running for Beginners
  • Shakeology Package


The retail value is over $500!  How would you like to have this under your Christmas Tree or give as gifts? 

Be sure to follow my blog to enter the contest.  The more you tweet & share – the better your chances.

Stay tuned until December 1st!

Any race plans for November?

What prize is the most exciting to you? 

Icing Your Feet | #FitnessHacks #FABHacks

Before I started running, the thought of putting ice on any part of my body, frightened me.  Now, it’s something I look forward to!

If you are not icing after every run, even if you feel you don’t need to, you are risking injury and additional inflammation.  I have my key spots I always ice:  knees & ankles.  Yet, there are times, I feel my feet need a good icing too.

I posted a picture of me icing my feet and it was met with quite confusion and some people indicated they had never thought about icing the feet.  Don’t forget to take care of your feet!  I wear socks when I am icing my feet, it can be quite painful, if I do not. 

Here are 3 ways you can ice your feet and two of them, you probably already have in your freezer


1.  Traditional ice pack



2.  Bag of vegetables. In this picture, I am using corn, in this picture.  Bag of peas, also works great.  Don’t use lumpy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or carrots.  I have bags of frozen vegetables for this purpose, only. I bought the bags at 99cent store.  Cost?  Yep, 99cents.



3.  Frozen water bottle. This is my favorite way to ice my feet!  Not only is it cooling, but rolling the bottle back and forth is very therapeutic to the bottom of your feet.  Cost:  depending on how much you pay for bottled water, but I can buy 24 bottles for less than $3 at the 99cent store.  So, that is about 5-10cents a bottle.  Use regular tap water.




Do you have a #FitnessHack for icing?  Please post as a comment or email to me at RunCoachCharlene@gmail.com – I might feature your #hack!