PRODUCT REVIEW: Arctic Cool Shirts | Is it Hype or The Real Deal?

It’s been a long, long time since I have been excited to test out a new running product. Sure, I have done many in recent years, but nothing really – I mean REALLY got me excited to try and post a blog review.


I heard about Arctic Cool apparel through Facebook. One of those sponsored ads that popped up on my news feed.  I began to follow the page and learn more about the technology.  It seems the only complaint I heard about the apparel was there wasn’t enough larger sizes.  Since I do live in Las Vegas and we know that heat is one of my awful triggers for my vertigo and Meniere’s Disease, I am always trying to find something to give me a tolerable level of comfort while running.  I contacted the company and they agreed to send me a shirt to review and they have purple!  How cool is that?  The temps are quickly rising in Las Vegas and nearly 90F in the later days.  I ran in the shirt 5 different times with varying temps.


Me, in the middle of a sweaty run – Vegas style.


    From their website –

“The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt uses HydroFreeze™ X Cooling Technology to do just that. Work up a sweat, and you’ll feel the cooling effect instantly. The HydroFreeze X construction is uniquely designed to absorb moisture when dry and cool when wet. Arctic Cool will keep you cooler longer, so you can not only play, you can play to win.


As soon you start to sweat, it goes to work big time, so you’ll feel cooler, longer.


The shirt’s fabric dramatically chills your body as you move.


Ultralight construction is anti-microbial and easy-to-clean.”


Intriguing, right?  So, I tested it out in temps up to 89F (just the other day). I sweat a lot.  I swear you can turn on the toaster in my kitchen and I will sweat!  When I started to sweat and the dreaded “ugh, I am getting hot” started in my head….I (shockingly) noticed I started to cool down.  Now, not like I had the air conditioning on, but I was cooling down.  Whoa.  The more I sweat, the less hot I felt.  Now, how ironic is that?

The shirt is super comfy, too.  The sizing is spot on I didn’t have to go up a size or down a size.  That’s rare.  This shirt is not only perfect for athletes, but for gardeners, those who work outside in the heat and more.  Give it a try and let Arctic Cool know what you think.

In summary, do I recommend this shirt?  Absolutely!  Will I buy more?  You know I will!  Right now, Arctic Cool is offering free shipping on all orders of $49 or more, for a limited time.  You can order here:


*Although I was provided a complimentary shirt, the opinions are my own and not influenced by Arctic Cool in any way.


Thank you Arctic Cool for this opportunity, you have a fan in Las Vegas!  Bring on the heat (well, maybe)


Charlene L. Ragsdale – Las Vegas, NV
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