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It’s that time again, I am reorganizing and purging stuff all over my house.  I am allocating a few months if not a month to reorganize and purge every corner in my house.  I have been exceptionally unhappy with the lack of organization in my house.  It clutter my mind and zaps my energy.

As a runner, we collect lots of things.  For me, it’s socks and headbands.  Are you with me, friends?  Although I seem to have my go-to favorites, I am always adding another headband to an outfit or another pair of cool compression socks.

Within the past 2 years, I have kept all my headbands in a shoe box.  I felt they were easy to find.  No they were not. I was always rummaging looking for a particular headband for a specific race.  After dumping the box on the floor looking for a headband, I knew I had enough of that concept.  As I came up off the floor I looked at my dressing scarfs on the hanger (those are my non-running obsessions. I love scarves of any color and size).  I thought to myself, “I wonder….”

I grabbed a few hangers and started knotting them (onto the hanger).  Using the felt covered hangers was a life saver, btw.  Less than a half hour later, I have all my headbands on neatly organized on 2 hangers and I can find them, any one of them in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, this also showed me I have way too many solid black headbands.  This was the problem!  I couldn’t find what I was looking for (in my shoe box) so I would buy another one.  Waste of $$$!!!



I am very pleased how this turned out.  Of course, I will be adding more to my collection very soon!

How do you keep your headbands handy and organized?  I would love to see your ideas.


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