Pffft on the PF

If you have been a runner for longer than…a month, you have had some aches and pains and hopefully not a serious injury.  I have experienced the full circle from minor to 4 months of rehab.

2011:  Blown out hip

2012:  Start of achilles issues that did not let up until 2013

2013:  Plateau fracture on my tibia (leg)

2014:  Severe ankle sprain

2015:  Diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease (daily battle)

2016:  Still dealing with Meniere’s Disease + this nagging heel problem


Many heel problems are mistakenly diagnosed as PF.  My primary pain is in that middle place where it could or could not be PF.  So, what do you do about it?  There are a plethora of remedies.  Here is how I am dealing with it:


  1.  See a chiropractor or Physical Therapist for ART treatment
  2.  Do Trigger Point Massage at home
  3.  Taking a few days off from running as it came back with a vigor this week
  4.  Wearing KT Tape for healing, freedom of movement and pain relief.  Never tried KT Tape?  Here is a link

Today, the foot feels good!  I might be able to do a slow dog-jog with my pup, Daisy tonight.


How do you handle PF?  Feel free to comment below (by request, I have re-opened the comment section below.  All comments are moderated to halt spamming)


Charlene L. Ragsdale – Las Vegas, NV

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#FitnessHacks #FABHacks | Homemade Ice Packs

Ask any runner, and they will tell you they have grown to love their ice baths or ice packs. Ask those same athletes and they will tell you stories of spillage, bags breaks or ice all over the floor.

Our next stop is to buy the ice packs at sports stores. A few dozen bags later to cover every inch of our aching body, post run and workout – we realize we have purchased enough ice packs to eliminate the national debt.

Since I have life hacks and more importantly, saving money (yay!) – I dug into Pinterest to find a solution. Sure enough, I found several. Some are made with rubbing alcohol and some with vodka. While I am not a drinker, I don’t think I would want to use my vodka to make an ice pack.

You need:

Plastic Zip lock bags


Rubbing Alcohol


Depending on the size of the bag, is the amount of water:alcohol ratio.


Here is a photo of what I used. The more water, the harder the ice. The more alcohol, the more pliable the bag of ice. Make to your personal preference.


Ice packs

Charlene L. Ragsdale – Las Vegas, NV
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