Race Recap: RnRAZ 3 of 3: Half Marathon Time!

It’s here!  RnRAZ Half Marathon time.  Long before my brother had surgery and his painful recovery, I decided I would run the half marathon, glad I made that choice.

We started our morning by being at the VIP Experience.  It is my understanding that each RnR race has a pre and post race section. These tickets are available for purchase in addition to your race registration. The RnRAZ VIP Experience was at a local eatery, not too far from the Start Line.  I have been to other VIP in other races and I think the best part is being able to stay out of the weather and easy access to the bathrooms!  At RnR, we even had our own UPS truck for gear check. They know how to take care of their VIP’ers!

Here is Kevin Gonzalez!

Half10 Half9 Half8

After mingling and saying hello to a few runner friends, we made our way to the Start Line.  It was critical that we find a spot for our warm up.  Kirk got his warm up in the Corrals. We started in Corral 3, where he should be Corral 1.  Starting at Arizona State University and heading up and back into Tempe.  Let’s do this! This was Kirk’s longest mileage since surgery (the previous week he did 6 miles).  We had a plan and we were sticking to it.  A strong run/walk and get us there in a sub2.


It was nice to be able to wear shorts again.  It’s been so cold in Vegas, I have been running in capris or shorts for awhile.

We set out in an easy pace and we had to pull back a few times to ensure we were not over doing it. I know exactly how to run a sub2, but my body sure wanted to plunk it down.  Not today, this was Kirk’s time.

As always, I struggled through some of the middle miles (7-9 miles).  But, within a few moments of taking my fueling I was back into the swing.  Unfortunately, my stomach went into over-drive and I had to take a porta potty stop at Mile 11.  Ugh.

Come to think of it, this bad tummy feeling has been bothering me the last few half marathons.  I need to investigate this and find out why, all of a sudden. 

->The RnRAZ course is a great course.  No excessive up or decline. There is a nice incline at Mile 9 but nothing major for anyone who has spent any time on hills.  The course support was outstanding and of course, the volunteers were great.

After my poopie stop, I just didn’t feel good and I knew if we held our pace, we had an easy sub2.  As we turned the corner to the finish line, Kirk wanted to push so we could beat the gun time before it turned to 2:00. We were 3-4 minutes behind the gun. So…off we sprinted!  We got in as a sub2 gun and chip.

He did it.  We did it and best part – he felt great!  No aches, no pains.  Nothing.

Another “Welcome Back to Racing, Bro!” moment. 

We made our way to the post-race VIP for relaxation, food, beverages and Kirk needed a massage.  Not only did they provide MT’s but we had our own porta potties and foam rollers!  Here is some of the food.  Great spread, huh?

Half11 Half6

While eating the 2nd place Men’s Marathon Overall, Roosevelt Cooper came into the VIP Experience area.  I interviewed him for my next Periscope broadcast.


After we ate and drank enough fluids, we went back to the hotel to pack up and travel home.

On our way home, we stopped by a rest stop for our medal pictures, which we forgot to do after the race.  (sorry, RnR)

Half2 Half1

This was another wonderful weekend with RnRAZ.  I cannot thank RnR and staff enough for the enthusiastic welcome and giving us the opportunity to be a part of this experience!  See you soon!

The medals?  Oh yea, you want to see the medals!

We earned the 5k, Half Marathon and the Remix Challenge (for running the 5k and any distance on Sunday)

The second picture is the medal from last year and this year.  It is a puzzle and after 4 years, it will look like the shape of Arizona. Isn’t it a beauty?





*Disclaimer:   I was an invited guest to the RnRAZ, the views, reviews and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the organizers nor sponsors or any other company/individual affiliated with the event.

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Race Recap: RnRAZ Part 2 of 3 | Bring on the 5k!

*Day 2 of the RnRAZ weekend!  You can read my Day 1 here.

Last year, I fell in love with this course.  (I hoped I would still love it)

Bro and I arrived early to do a Channel 14 TV interview about the race weekend.  Well, it was all Kirk not me. When the reporter put the mic in his face, I just slowly shuffled away to give him the spotlight. I will do interviews, if I must but I surely don’t feel the need to be in that realm.  It was good for Kirk, too. He so often gets to be the person on the sidelines and now he was in the limelight. He deserved it!

Afterwards, we wandered around the race area to see what it was like.  The location is perfect.  A local park area by the river, off the Rio Saldo Parkway.  We made our way to Corral 1 and listened to the excitement of the announcer.


Soon enough, we were OFF!  Kirk agreed to push himself a bit to test out the legs.  I stayed behind him for as long as I could to keep an eye on his form to ensure he would not have any knee or hammie issues, again.

As I was running this course, I remember how much I liked it and this time, I loved it even more.  Running through a tunnel with a band playing, “Eye of the Tiger” was fun!  Then, next to the river, around the bend and down to the finish.  I felt so ill-prepared for this race (back problems at Christmas) and an unknown top of foot pain a week before 5k.  I had not had a solid speedwork session in weeks (I know, I know) so, I ran and raced the best I could.

I came flying in at 24:39:59 (yeah, that close) but they round up to the nearest second, so the results state I am tied for 3rd with another gal in my AG.  I was thrilled as this was a course PR for me.  Not bad for someone who was not trained to run this distance at any speed.

A grew view of the runners heading into u-shaped turn:


As customary, Kirk was waiting for me.  He ran a solid race and earned a 3rd AG.  I am telling ya, it is starting to feel like normal racing again.  Kirk waiting for me at the end of a race, not as a spectator but as a racer.  We wandered to the river area and I did my next Periscope broadcast of the weekend.


We wanted to stay but Kirk needed to ice and I needed…coffee.  We walked to downtown Tempe and had our sit down time of ice and coffee (plus a few bananas).


Afterwards, it was back to the hotel to rest up for the next day’s half marathon!

Next up:  RnR Half Marathon

*Disclaimer:   I was an invited guest to the RnRAZ, the views, reviews and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the organizers nor sponsors or any other company/individual affiliated with the event.

Charlene L. Ragsdale – Las Vegas, NV
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Race Recap: RnRAZ Part 1 of 3 | Expo Time!

Has it been a year, already?  Last year, I crushed my marathon PR by 19 minutes at this race.  After 4 years of training for a marathon, I finally had a time I was proud of.  Last year, my brother earned his first sub3 marathon finish and first RnR AG award.

So much has changed in that past year.  Oh geez.

When New Year’s eve turned to 2016, my thoughts were about returning to AZ. With my brother’s recent setback, post surgery, there were moments we wondered if he could even walk a half marathon.

Bro and I left on Friday AM and made our way to Arizona.  We were both excited for a host of reasons. First and foremost, we KNEW that he would be able to run/walk the half marathon.  I decided a few weeks prior that I was going to run with him to ensure his safety and to have another fun run, together.

We drove straight to the expo.  It was game time!  Well, not a game, all business.  You see, my brother and I were invited by RnR as guests to blog, Periscope and report on the weekend events.  I was ready – including a selfie stick for my Periscope broadcasts.

RnRAZ Expo

I began my Periscope broadcast the moment we walked into the doors, I wanted the viewers to get a good sense of what a RnR bib pickup and expo was like. Nothing was scripted or pre-planned.  I liked that!

After picking up our bibs for the 5k and Half Marathon, we bumped into (literally) a man who was a legacy Half Marathoner.  He was so nice (I should of taken his picture, darn it).  After the bib pick up we made our way to the merchandising were I picked up a shot glass for our family collection and a headband for colder temps. (I was thinking ahead to RnRLV).

Our next objective was to stroll around and see what exhibitors were in attendance. After the strolling, we headed to the heavy medals. That is where RnR displays their Heavy Medals and Challenge medals like the California and Texas medals.  Okay, you know I don’t run for bling but I couldn’t keep my eyes off these medals!  If you run 15 or more RnR (Half’s or Full’s) in a calendar year you will receive the Hall of Fame medal.  There are a few dozen who achieve this status, every year.  Holy Moly, check out these photos.  I loved the 8 track medal – so I need to win the lottery to get to all the races, right?

Heavy Medals


After the heavy medal drool session, we stopped at a few sponsor booths.  First, was Glukos Energy, they are the official energy source for RnR.  Their expo space was a hot spot!  Everyone was tasting their gels (actually, a liquid), bars, tablets and chews.  My brother was looking for new fueling so this had our attention.  They were gracious and sent us home with samples to try out and write a review at a later date. 


My initial thoughts?  I loved the concept and the taste.  Mark, the company founder and formulator was a great person to speak with and certainly made you feel like our concerns mattered and he sincerely wanted us to try the products.  We both left the booth excited to try this new product!

Next, we stopped off at Maui Jim sunglasses. They are a high-end sport glasses.  You probably have seen Meb wear them.  Kirk found a pair he wanted, I told him to put it on his Christmas Wish List.

Maui Jim

Next up was the Toyota booth.  Neither of us were in the market for a new vehicle, but we wanted to see the pacer cars and more.  Upon arrival, we were invited to participate in their carnival games and photo booth (in a car).  This was goofy fun for the both of us!

Toyota1 Toyota2 Toyota

We enjoyed ourselves at the expo and meeting some of the new RnR staff.  Of course, seeing the old friends was a treat.

It’s good to be home!

On the floor

Next up:  RnRAZ 5k! 

*Disclaimer:   I was an invited guest to the RnRAZ, the views, reviews and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the organizers nor sponsors or any other company/individual affiliated with the event.

Charlene L. Ragsdale – Las Vegas, NV
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What is Past is Truly Past | Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series

Time to put this subject to rest, once and for all.

Since the now infamous RnRLV event of 2011, I have been met with a lot of push back from the running community, in recent months.

There are 2 opinions:
1. Those who loathe RnR races
2. Those who love RnR races

In 2010, I began my running career at RnR’s last daytime race in Vegas. It is where my running career began and my experience at that race are still on the top of my race list.

Fast forward to 2011, and I experienced my worst race experience. Again, with RnR.

It’s no secret I was the poster child of anything and everything that went wrong that horrible night. Sickness, getting pushed down on the course, turned away by the medical staff, being turned away by local police when I asked for help, transported to the hospital and the worst, RnR management (at that time) pointed their fingers at me for being ill prepared to run a half marathon (in my own city).

The purpose of this post is to discredit the rumors and constant badgering I have received since that fateful night. I realize that no matter what I say may never please some people, that is fine. But, I know the truth. I know my heart and I know what happened that night and since that time.



I pursued the media to get as many interviews as possible, as a form of self-promotion.


Self-promotion for what purpose?  The media came to me for their purpose, not mine. I have a friend in Las Vegas Public Relations who knew what happened that night, and she contacted me to let me know one of our local TV stations wanted to interview me. From there it snowballed. One report, turned into more. There were 2 times I pursued the media but NOT to be interviewed. I pursued them to correct their ill-reporting. 1) Runner’s World Editor was mocking the runners who became extremely sick on the course. 2) The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote a glowing report of the “success” of that night.

Both stories were rewritten and additional investigations continued.

At NO TIME did I ever ask any media outlet to interview me. If you took the time to know me, you would know how much I dislike the media and it is not something I pursue for myself.


I was the only one who was had issues with that race.
Not until the next morning, after I was released from the hospital did I hear of the carnage of what happened in my community. There were thousands of us who suffered, I could not turn a blind eye. My anger was on behalf of the community, not because I was the person who was wronged. During my time at the hospital, I thought I just had a “bad race”. Little did I know what happened in my city, as you can imagine I was outraged.


I sold out and I am being a hypocrite. I was only looking for attention and freebies from RnR. 


This one makes me laugh the most! Immediately after RnRLV I was offered several perks at RnR races including a refund. I declined. A year later (2012), I had 3 choices. Stay away from the race or support the crowds from the sidelines or put myself back in the race as a pacer. Of course, the safest route was to stay away or cheer on racers from the sidewalk, but I couldn’t do that. I had to do what I felt was the right action for the running community. The risk was huge! I had little to no faith that RnR would comply with what they promised, but they far exceeded my expectations that night (and I blogged about it). I opted to pace the 2:15 half marathon to support my community (and to keep an eye on RnRLV), not to support RnR. I did not return to any RnR races until 2015, 4 years after the disaster of 2011. Exactly where or when was I a sell out or being a hypocrite?
>>>When word got out I would be running the RnRLV 2015 and doing an ESPN Run video for RnR – the tweets, DM’s, posts started. I knew it would. I knew I would be called a sell-out and hypocrite (again). You have a right to your opinion, but allow me to tell you why that is completely false.
2011 – everything I said and did to ensure the safety of future RnRLV races was from the heart and I meant every word I said. I do not take back nor apologize for expressing my anger of that horrible night. The amount of hours I invested to fight local officials, permitting and RnR was worth EVERY SECOND when I saw the success of 2012 and every year after wards. RnR LISTENED to the complaints and took action.

Why the change of my attitude for RnR?

>>>>Very simple, I believe they are a new and better company.

Haven’t you had a friend who has made a mistake but worked very hard to regain your trust and make it right?

That is how I see RnR (I respect your right to disagree).

They screwed up, they know it and admit it. Yet, they have worked VERY hard to regain the communities trust.

1. New leadership and management since 2011 (thank goodness!)
2. Safer courses and events. They have put runner’s safety as a priority. Look at the reports of 2015 Nashville and Savannah, for example. They handled the horrible weather conditions of 2015 at RnRLV with professionalism and compassion.
3. Their communication is top notch. Look how they handled the delayed delivery of the Arizona medals of 2015.
Are they a perfect race management company? Nope, but who is! The way I see it, I see their events as the event I loved in 2010.

To answer the last question that everyone asks. Do I trust them? I sure do. Would I train, travel and more to their races if I don’t? Sure they will make mistakes; it happens – but I sincerely doubt history will repeat itself under the current management.

I have many countless hours chatting with many staff at RnR. I have a great professional relationship with many at RnR and they are very candid and even gone as far to apologize for what happened in 2011.

Will I ever forget about 2011? Of course, not. But I forgave them a long time ago and in 2015 I decided to race their races again and I am grateful we have a positive relationship and I look forward to seeing my RnR friends in AZ in a few days.

Thank you for giving me the chance to clear the air and put this issue to rest. As the old saying goes, “never say, never”. 

I feel like I am home and it is a great feeling!

Charlene L. Ragsdale – Las Vegas, NV
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Race Report: RnRAZ Marathon | Many Surprises


As I sit here to develop my race report, my mind is in different directions.  First and foremost, I ran a RnR race.  My first involvement with RnR since 2012 pacing gig at RnRLV and of course, my first RnR “race” since the RnRLV 2011 disaster.

In the aftermath of that fateful night in 2011, I never thought I would be sitting down to write a RnR race report.  Ever.  And as the ole saying goes, “never say, never“.

The decision to race in RnRAZ was out of need.  I needed a January Marathon to match my training plans for my BQ quest. I needed a marathon to start off my 2015 and RnRAZ was the closest in vicinity and most viable option.  I kept my plans very low-key and most runner friends had no idea I was not going to be at the Disney Star Wars and racing elsewhere.  I needed a low profile and I got it.  I needed to focus on the job at hand, and I am glad I handled it the way I did.

You see, I have spent the last 3 years running a disaster of a marathon, again and again.  Not once, did I have a finish, I was content nor proud of.  This was my last chance to see if I was going to keep pursuing my BQ dreams.  I came to AZ with no expectations and but I had hopes I would be upright, strong and not headed to the nearest ER.  As my people says, “you race well in all other distances, but you do awful, awful in the marathon.”  No amount of training seems to get me through the physical and emotional meltdown that has plagued me for the last 3 years.  I had reached the do or give-up point.

#RunningMama, #RunningBro and I set out on our travels on Friday AM. That AM I woke up with a really bad ingrown toe nail, so I immediately texted Bro to tell him I might back out of the marathon, but considering the Half.  In my previous experiences with ingrown toenails, it typically takes several days for me to recover.  As I went to the nearest pedicure place, I realized my toenail was not as bad as I thought, but glad I had it taken care of.

As we reached the expo, I realized my foot felt wonderful. Wow!  Both Mom and Bro wanted me to do the 5k, as a shake out run and I felt it would do me some good to do so.  I registered for the 5k and had the chance to have some nice conversations with RnR people during the expo.  I noticed how cordial the staff was to everyone, not only to me.  I had not seen that in previous years and this made me very happy.

After checking into our hotel we had a quick bit to eat in the hotel room.  We packed all our meals, so we were able to save a ton of money and not have to deal with restaurant crowds.

We woke the next morning to a very brisk cool air and ready to shake out on a 5k.  Met up with Dan Cruz, PR for Competitor Group and of course, he snapped a selfie of us.  One would find it hard to believe we would be in the same picture, huh?  Well, history is history and we are on good terms, now.


The 3 of us went into our corrals and I purposefully left my watch in the hotel room. I knew if I had my watch on, I would race, not shake out.  Our pacers were pro Elites, including Olympians Ryan Hall and Amy Hasting.  I had no idea where I wanted to be so I tucked myself behind the 8min pacer and just hung out there.

Here is a picture of Bro running with Pro Elite, Ryan Hall


The course continued along the river and I really enjoyed it.  Coming into the last 100 yards I could see I could be a sub25, so I plunked it down.  A few feet would not kill me to push, it.  I finished in 24:47 and good enough for 4th in my Division, only missing 3rd place by a few seconds.  Oh well!

I can tell you, it has been a LONG time that I felt that happy crossing a finish line at a 5k.  The race energy was fun and yet, competitive.  I met up with a fellow Seattle-ite (there were MANY) and I had to get a picture with his 12th Man flag.  He lived in Auburn, WA and I grew up in Redmond, WA.


Here is our family picture.  Great morning, I couldn’t of asked for a better feeling 5k.  I am glad I registered.

2015-01-17 09.41.15

A picture of Ryan Hall and I post 5k

2015-01-17 09.07.58


We headed back to the hotel for relaxing and eating.  Boy, it sure makes a difference to get away from all the crowds and just chill out for a day.

After a solid night sleep, we were headed out the next morning for our marathon.  Mom was scheduled to volunteer at the finish line, handing out medals (see picture below).  Big morning for all of us.


Bro and I headed to the start via the Tram and it was a breeze to get there.  I had heard it was a pain in the butt to ride the tram to the start, but I didn’t see any problems. Straight shot for us.  We huddled in the nearest Starbucks to keep warm and use the toilets (of course).

We separated into our Corrals, he was in 1 and I was in 3.  I was about 2-3 minutes behind the gun.  As I stood there, all I could do was ask God to honor Kirk’s commitment to his training.  He deserved to reach his goals and I would give up my race, if it meant it would be successful.  I wanted his success more than I wanted mine.

As I started the race, I felt good.  No pressure, no stress and I was going along for the ride.  A very long ride!  As I passed Mile 1, I noticed something was funky with my Garmin.  As I entered into Mile 2, I realized it was on Lap setting and resetting the accumulated time and mile, at every mile.  Groovy.  Oh well, I had a ballpark idea of my pace and I needed to just run by feel.  Finish strong, finish upright. Don’t go to the ER.  That was my goal.

It was an absolutely stunning AM, truly a racers dream.  I made only one pit stop at Mile 14.  So…those who want to know if I had any poopy problems at an RnR race.  None.

At each aid station I sipped on water or drank Gatorade.  Check.  The water was fine, folks!

I did not fuel until Mile 12ish, as I didn’t feel the drag until then.  I continued to take my electrolye capsules every few miles and drink Gatorade.

At Mile 13, I had an idea I was at a sub2 pace, but I was not sure.  I missed seeing the clock, so I could not gauge, 100%.

Around Mile 17-18, I felt a rush of heat.  The sun came blaring down and I had layers.  I was wearing a singlet underneath Sheri’s memorial shirt for shirt. I knew I needed to shred the layers, but I was not tossing Sheri’s shirt and my bib was on the outer layer.  So, I stopped.  I had to take off my bib, take off my memorial shirt and put the bib on my singlet.  I lost at least 6 minutes doing this, I was not going to stress about it.  I was at Mile 18 and I was feeling pretty good, which is more than I have ever felt at Mile 18.

I also took some time to stretch out my hips, as a preventive measure.

Back on the course…I was still holding my own and my mind was still in place.  I continually told myself to stay mentally focused and know this is what I have trained my body to do.  Trust my training.

At Mile 22, my knees started to get overly stiff, so I stopped at a lightpole to stretch out.  I quickly texted the Bro and my hubby to let them know where I was and I was doing fine.  I vaguely remember looking at the clock on my phone, but nothing registered to me how I was doing.

Back on the course and I knew I was going to finish and finish feeling good.  Yes!

Coming up on Mile 24, I saw someone sitting in the middle of the course.  My heart skipped a beat.  It was a down runner.  I saw runners running by her and no one stopped, I had to stop.  If it had not been for the kind runners at BCW, I would of never been able to get up.

The downed runner (female) was complaining she had a calf cramp. I asked her if she needed help to get up and she declined.  So, I gave her a mustard pack and told her to swallow it with water, it will help out tremendously.  She assured me she was okay to get up and I was free to go.  I hope she made it, I should of gotten her bib number to check on her. Darn.

Coming over the last bridge, the emotions started to creep up my chest

“Keep your head, keep your head.  You have trained for this moment, for the last 3 years.  Don’t lose your head”

As I turned the corner, I took Sheri’s shirt from my belt and held it behind me like a flag.  I wanted everyone to see that shirt, especially Sheri.  As I drew closer, I saw the clock.  I saw that I had a huge PR and that was far more than I every expected of myself that day.

The moment I crossed the finish line, my mom put the medal on my neck and I needed medical attention, badly.  My knees and upper back were killing me.  My finish time?  4:13:02, which gave me a 19 minute PR and I am staring at a BQ.   A runner friend stated if I had not stopped to take off my layers, reposition my bib and stop to help the downed runner, I would of had my BQ.  While that is true, I have no regrets running the race the way I did.  I achieved my goal and then some!

A kind Medic got me immediate attention and I received medical care.  Bro found me and we both received a much needed massage.  Bro was pretty quiet, so I had no idea if he made his goal and when he finally told me what his Garmin said, I couldn’t contain my excitement.  When he finally checked his results…I cried.  He achieved his sub3 marathon!  My bro is a sub3 marathoner!  I sit here, with a big grin on my face, just thinking about his success.  He has gone from a Couch-to-5k’er to becoming a sub3 marathoner in less than 3 years.

After Medical, I was able to meet Kevin Gonzalez.  A true RnR Superstar and glad we finally met face to face.  What a nice man! 


Bro and I picked up our Remix (running the 5k + Half or Full) and our Marathon Finisher jackets.  Beginning in 2015, RnR is giving away jackets to all Marathon finisher.  Yes, giving away.  What a perk, huh?


As we headed back to the car, we passed the Finish Line and I looked back at the entire event and thought to myself, “this is how it should be, always”

RnR made some horrible mistakes in 2011 and they know it.  They now, have a new company owner, new management and new focus.  I began my running career with them in 2010 and I am thrilled beyond words that they are working hard to be the race company they should be.

So, never say never, folks.  Companies evolve and change.  I am proud to say I ran the RnRAZ 2015 and you betcha I am looking forward to coming back and even running another RnR, in the future. They have regained my trust.

  • Thank you RnR for welcoming me back with open hearts and honest words!  I see you are trying and I would be a fool to not acknowledge it.  Thank you for listening to me and countless others and providing a race experience we deserve.  Please keep going in the direction you are going!


  • Thank you to my Bro and Mom.  I could not of imagined that weekend without you.


  • Thank you to my husband.  I know you didn’t want me to run another RnR, but now you see why I needed to.


  • Thank you to Teri Mahaney of Train Your Brain for Runners.  You have given me the mental training & cleansing I needed to keep my head clear, when the legs were rather achey.


2015-01-22 05.50.56

My race shoes:  Altra One2’s (purple) – both races

My fueling:  Gummy Bears, Hammer Electrolyte Capsules, Honey Stinger Strawberry Kiwi and course sports drink/water


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